Tiny Church

images (2)Here is the latest Tiny Church online for July – thinking about St Peter and his encounter with an angel


For the craft activity you will need a paper cake cases, a pencil, scissors, glue, scrap paper and sticky tape.

In the mean time if you would like to contribute to our review of work with tinies and families at St Peter and St Paul’s, please get in touch via 07515 958988 or rector@nullwincantonparishchurch.co.uk.

Here is the link for Tiny church for May – thinking about the coming of the Holy Spirit and Peace. You will need a paperplate, paint, something to hang the plate https://youtu.be/Q14pG4dej8Y

Here is the link to Tiny Church for April – especially for Easter thinking about how Jesus brought new life. https://youtu.be/SAJJ_gnapcI

And here is the list of things you need for craft activity…

TO do this you need some cardboard, glue, sellotape and a small piece of ribbon, scissors, a pen, paint/crayons and some animal/flower stickers or instead of stickers you could draw small pictures of animals and flowers and stick them on with glue.

Here is the link to Tiny Church online for March – which is all about people who care for us – looking towards Mothering Sunday on March 14th – https://youtu.be/25TDYkfaxaE

Here is the link to Tiny Church online for February – which is thinking about winter… https://youtu.be/jd-qUnsDcYg

Here is the link to Tiny Church online for January – which is all about new beginnings. https://youtu.be/UahcQV8g_Hk

Here is the link to the Tiny Church Online for December – which is all about Christingles. https://youtu.be/Taj3cs6j5Fw

To make a donation to the Children’s Society – please use our Just Giving page. https://thyg.uk/CUS049457

We will be sharing the link to the National Christingle Service on December 13th for you all to enjoy too.

Here is our third Tiny Church online – We hope you enjoy it as it reflects on Remembrance and show us how to make poppies for display in our windows. https://youtu.be/9obQfJZ0dJc

Here is our first online Tiny Church – We hope you enjoy it as it reflects on a Harvest theme.